Saturday, August 11, 2012

Progress pics...Part II

I'm going to post a few more in progress pics, but I'll refrain from boring you with the 100+ pics we took of every change :) 

We have stone!!  Bucks County

Close up of the stonework - outlet on the front stoop

Window box...any suggestions on what to put in it?

Chandelier in the dining room

Nipple lights upstairs :)

Ceramic Tile in Connor's bathroom

Ceramic tile in master bathroom - laid on the diagonal

Tile around soaker tub

Close up of accent tile - looks nothing like what we thought we picked but we liked it :)

All stone compete!

Cabinets - sans knobs at this point

Close up of the doors

Can you see the glaze?  Hard to capture with the camera

Entry way light

Railing - I had to fight to get this put in because when we made the decision to have the half wall upstairs, I didn't realize it meant you didn't get the banister...who knew they were related....anyways, our PM was awesome and got this put makes the entry look much bigger.  

View up the steps - half walls vs. the railing at the top.  The loft is where our son's videos and toys will be - it could be messy, I don't want to show the world :)

Cabinets in hall bathroom

Master bathroom cabinet and granite top

I'll take some pics of where we are now...two weeks after move-in and post tomorrow


  1. Looking great! Love that stacked stone.

  2. Hi! We are building a Naples Elevation L near Pittsburgh. I was so excited to find your blog - you are the only other Elevation L I've found so far (in the blogosphere, at least)! Not sure you're keeping tabs on the blog anymore, but I thought I'd drop a comment, on the off-chance that you are. :)

    Found your blog, in part, through your friend's Ravenna blog. Wondering if you guys are in the plan in Washington Co. with the Naples model? If so, I may have (unknowingly) been creeping on your house one day while I was visiting the model. If you saw a lady taking pictures of your house one snowy Sunday from a silver SUV, that would have been me. :) Love your exterior choices, by the way. Unfortunately, my neighbor picked Bucks County stone (my first choice), so I wasn't allowed to pick it, but I'm still satisfied with my choices. Yours looks great!

    1. HI, MsRepp, I build very close to where you are talking, did you start a blog?