Saturday, August 11, 2012

Progress pics...Part II

I'm going to post a few more in progress pics, but I'll refrain from boring you with the 100+ pics we took of every change :) 

We have stone!!  Bucks County

Close up of the stonework - outlet on the front stoop

Window box...any suggestions on what to put in it?

Chandelier in the dining room

Nipple lights upstairs :)

Ceramic Tile in Connor's bathroom

Ceramic tile in master bathroom - laid on the diagonal

Tile around soaker tub

Close up of accent tile - looks nothing like what we thought we picked but we liked it :)

All stone compete!

Cabinets - sans knobs at this point

Close up of the doors

Can you see the glaze?  Hard to capture with the camera

Entry way light

Railing - I had to fight to get this put in because when we made the decision to have the half wall upstairs, I didn't realize it meant you didn't get the banister...who knew they were related....anyways, our PM was awesome and got this put makes the entry look much bigger.  

View up the steps - half walls vs. the railing at the top.  The loft is where our son's videos and toys will be - it could be messy, I don't want to show the world :)

Cabinets in hall bathroom

Master bathroom cabinet and granite top

I'll take some pics of where we are now...two weeks after move-in and post tomorrow

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Long post

So, I swore I wasn't going to be that person that started this blog at the beginning of our journey and then fall off the face of the earth, leaving anyone that stumbled upon it with the impression that we just never finished our house :)

We did move in with very little drama or issue! We had a few Ryan "challenges" but were pretty easily fixed.

I am going to try and synopsize the process in a couple of posts...

Part 1:

My husband and son standing in front of the foundation where our garage will be

It looks like a house!  without a garage door

Back of the house...walkout basement and morning room sliders
Side of the house

View from our morning room - beautiful now...will eventually have houses on that area that looks like a road :(

View through the front door

Our walkway!!

Inside the morning room

 View of our back yard (1st level) and where the community pool will be (2nd level)

 Standing in the kitchen looking into to the family room

 We have siding!  Stone Mountain Clay

Black Shutters - love the little accent hooks on the bottom

A little peek at the hardwood in the morning room

We decided not to order the island Ryan offers and instead purchased one through a local company.  Its the same brand (Timberlake) but it's not a finish they offer...Wyoming Maple with Auburn Glaze.  our kitchen cabinets are cream with a butterscotch glaze so we wanted a contrast.  I can't wait to see it in.  It takes about 3-4 weeks for them to order and install.  I was nervous about closing so we didn't order it till the Monday after we closed.

Here's a rendering of the type of cabinets we got and their configuration

We also had Ryan put in landscaping stone in place of mulch

This is the color we looks really great with our stone.  I will post more pics tomorrow.