Monday, April 16, 2012

Pre-Construction Meeting done!

We met with our PM on Thurs 4/12 and we love him!  Such a nice guy.  Very laid back and seems really knowledgeable.  We went through our lot plan, how long the driveway would be, the left and right boundries, etc.  Reviewed our spec sheet and found out that "we" forgot to check the box for rubbed bronze interior door handles...even though I have told our rep a thousand times I wanted everything rubbed bronze...just add another $250.00  At this point, what does it matter :)

We are on schedule to close the 2nd week in July!!  It feels like forever, I hope it goes fast!

Oh, and someone asked me about the upgraded landscaping.  In our plan, that is a seeded lawn and some additional shrubs in the flower beds.  Plus you get two trees. One on the street and one on the corner of the house.  Here's the diagram they showed us.


  1. I really wish they gave us some shrubs or at least a tree. They only give us beds and mulch-which means we will need to get landscaping in quick! We're hoping to close by the end of July, so we are right behind you. :)

  2. Hi neighbor! I'm excited for you guys! I can't wait for our meeting. Jeff thanks you for the info on the landscaping package. (Although I think he wants to know exactly what the plants and trees will be. )